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Matt Taibbi checks in with 'Excerpt from The Rise and Fall of the United States (Putnam, 2037), William Shirer IV. From the chapter entitled, "The Anschluss Begins."' Typically clever stuff, especially the Franzen bit.
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Hmmm, the moral I got from the story is "don't internalize your homophobia," which I'm not so sure is all that clever. But then I'm internalizing my own feelings for Eliza Dukshu right now, so take me with a peacock feather, won't you?
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that was good--and god forbid too...thanks
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"In a parallel development, politics during this time began increasingly to resemble reality programming, in particular the elimination-survival shows. The 2003 election of the action star Arnold Schwarzenegger to the governorship of California was of particular importance as a pioneering precursor to full-blown reality political programming."

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Here's a previous thread about the future according to Taibbi.
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Hey, how come I haven't heard anything about Fox's new reality show, American Candidate, since, well, January?
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