Guilt-free mp3 downloads!
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Psst! Wanna download some mp3s? Now you can do so without looking over your shoulder to see who is watching. Creative Commons has compiled a selection of tracks utilising their licensing system for free download. The ability to create derivative works and share them around has resulting in some interesting remixes of one of the original tracks, also. via A Whole Lotta Nothing
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Before the grammar police move in, yes, that should say resulted in.
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[this is awesome]
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I'm not hip enough for Creative Commons.

That Horton's Choice is pretty good, though.
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Horton's Choice was mefi member (and blogger) Steven Garrity's now-defunct band.
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I really hope people will make more of an effort to push Creative Commons around the companies like Disney and groups like the RIAA continue to push for copyright extensions, very little will ever move into the public domain that's not already there.

I'd love to see more Weblogs pick up Creative Commons licenses and expore the plausibilities of having licenses apply to fan fiction or custom content for video games (Quake, Half-Life, Neverwinter Nights etc).

We are using a license at OCW but it's been an incredibly painful process to go through all 15,000 source documents and 1) validate what is truly IP-free and not, 2) Getting permission for those owned by others 3) Stripping out or recreating that which we do not have permission for. Our Intellectual Property team really busted their hump.

What was worse was trying to find subject-appropriate photos for the Course Home Pages of each of the 500 courses that could be usable and distributed under said Creative Commons license. There's NOTHING out there.....yet.

Well, OK....there's which we drained & many of the pictures on U.S. Government Web sites are public domain but it was tough.

So take your photo collections, writings from college & high school, artworks, music, performances and find out which license works for you - further enhance the original intent of the Internet- sharing.

Even if you retain most of your rights, at least it will be a copyright that's more community-oriented than corporate/industry IP hording. And the more licenses that are put out there......the more we all have to choose from as a community.
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any chance of the bobo thing bein put on ....ah well.
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Gratuitous self-link:

Album released under Creative Commons license... when the duplicators get back to me, anyway.
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[this is a job for bittorrent]
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I really hope people will make more of an effort to push Creative Commons around the Web
Given the constant teeth-knashing that goes on here on MeFi about the evils of copyright, I thought there would be more interest in this. It is certainly not the first time music has been released in this way, but the stamp of authority that having it released by Creative Commons themselves provides was, I thought, a sign that actual progress is being made in this area. I guess that was just me, though. *shrug*
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common content dot org
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