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The Secret History of the Magna Carta. This is a fascinating article on the Magna Carta and the lesser known Charter of the Forest, and the early establishment of the rights of commons.
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Excellent post.
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dammit. this is one of those super-good-post-thingies-that-no-one-comments-on as recently debated/praised/condemned/etc. in meta.

the linebaugh article is very appropriate to current times; and, appropriateness aside, quite an excellent piece of writing.

many of us learn in middle and/or high school some of the import of the magna carta, but there are other bits just as important, or even more so, that are so unknown as to be described as "secret".

read and get commenting, people, it's only the basis for much of western common law!
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My descendants signed it twice.
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Excellent post
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mAy I take the tme to say thank you for this excellent and thoroughly informative post.
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You're welcome. aNd take as much tme as you need. ;)
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The Shelley quotes in Linebaugh's article are from The Mask of Anarchy and Declaration of Rights, btw.
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