The crosses of the descanso are like the stations of the cross, the road the rosary. - Rudolfo Anaya
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Descansos. Public Altars to an Interrupted Journey.
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Ah, so that's what those things are called. :)
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Very nice, grabbingsand. Some lovely photographs, especially by Dave Nance, and very touching messages on the last link. I didn't get away without crying.

An interesting related site is The Tombstone Traveller's Guide, which also has some photos and information about roadside memorials.
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[this is good]
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Great post. In New Mexico they have preserved descansos during road construction. Here's an interesting article on them, controversies, and how different states deal with them.
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Bill Sampson's site didn't have the messages, at one time -- it was mostly just the photos with very few comments or background info. I could visit frequently then, whereas now I find it far too saddening. Still, the idea of the roadside memorials is so romantic. Who doesn't look when passing one on the highway? Thanks for the links, grabbingsand.
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In Montana, the American Legion has been in a partnership with the state for 50 years now installing crosses at the sites of roadside fatalities. They insist that there is no memorial purpose to their signs, but a few spot signs of adornment.

Sobers you up the first time you come around a five-spot.
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These are really nice links, grabbingsand - I never had a good name for these personal memorials. I find them very touching.

Sometimes you stumble on some touching web descansos too - although there seems to be something about grief that all-too-often inspires rather unfortunate midis and gifs.
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I never had a good name for these personal memorials.

Neither had I. I thought of them as 'street shrines', a term Gibson used in Virtual Light, for a slightly different practice. Street shrines exist for murder victims (sometimes, but not always, gang members) in low-income neighborhoods of Philadelphia. Often they are elaborate wall graffiti.

I've wondered whether this is a growing trend; whether someday we'll see persistent shrines in office cubicles for guys who have heart attacks at their desks.
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