Hey Ralphie, boy!
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Art Carney...dead @ 85. My favorite Ed Norton quote: "One hand washes the other... And both hands wash the face."
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"Address the ball... HELLOOO BALL!"
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Is this death something you'd have to have a life to know about?
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May they play "Captain Video" 24-7 for ya, 'ol pal...
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What a shocker. I really thought he was long dead. To think that he was only 55 when he did "Harry and Tonto" and not yet sixty when he did "going in style" with Lee Strasberg and George Burns (both were octogenarians). I remember him him as being an old man all my life. So long, Art. Thanks for the laughs.
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thrakintosh: FYI, the quote in the FPP is a well-known folk saying in Greece (at least, probably elsewhere as well)...
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I thought he was gone too, pejamo...I'll never forget the episode of Honeymooners where he tries to teach Ralph to dance (the hucklebuck?) : >
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"Helloooo, ball" still cracks me up, old as it is.

Another favorite Norton quote (a parable from the sewer):

When the tides of life upset you
And threaten to capsize your boat
Don't waste those tears on what might have been
Just lay on your back and float.
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I always think of Ed Norton, pen in hand, making that endless series of - presignatory?- gestures, like a big loose-jointed bird, before being jolted back to reality by Ralphie-boy's impatient screaming.

You could read all his lines from every Honeymooners script and still not "get" Ed Norton. It was all body language and delivery.
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When John Ritter died, I commented that his performances rose above his material. Art Carney positively went into orbit.
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I remember watching Harry and Tonto with my Gram when I was this high. Great memory.

from the link: [Carney] created the role of Felix Unger in the original Broadway version of "The Odd Couple"
Credit where credit's due: Carney was stellar, but Neil Simon created Unger. I hate when the press ignores the writer.
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A correction to the FPP (from the episode in which Ralph, moonlighting as his building's janitor, deals with Norton's complaints about having no running water):

Ralph: Just remember, one hand washes the other and both hands wash the face.

Norton: Never mind that, just give me some water! I know how to wash!

Great comedic moments mentioned above, everyone. Late last week, I noticed The Honeymooners 'Classic 39' Box Set on sale at a local Border's. I would've bought it immediately, except I knew I wouldn't have time to watch it over the weekend. This coming weekend, however, I'll be rectifying that error.
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As he stepped into the stealthy night air...


And dobbs, it's standard theater language to refer to the first actor to play a part as having "created" it.
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One last Racoon Lodge Salute ... Woooo-woowoowooo-ooo!
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Art Carney positively went into orbit.

Bang! Zoom! To the moon!
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