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Want to know what Rummy said at the last press conference?
Well, here you go.
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Especially since it can change so frequently!
posted by ao4047 at 9:51 AM on November 13, 2003

The link @ Dod seems dead to me. But if it's on the same topic that ao4047 linked , well what could you expect from Donald "Duck and Cover" ? Hardly surprising, but thanks for posting it.

More interesting imho, from the same link ao4047 posted, is this this about the limitations of freedom of speech in a private parade goes along this line. There's a difference. If it's a city event(parade), that's one thing, But if it's private, (parade)they have a right to bar a group

So I guess that if I book some street of my city to parade my interests I have the right to bring "dissenting" veterans to the sidewalk, even if today is Tuesday's Veterans Day parade. Very interesting, I didn't know.
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As Tom Tomorrow points out, this cartoon of his from September turned out to be scarily accurate.
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Reading the article in the Ocala Star Banner (via ao4047's link) was nothing less than bone-chilling. It's all too, too close to Orwell's 1984: we're at war with Eurasia. We've never been at war with Eurasia.
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Saddam Hussein?

Never met the guy.

-Don Rumsfeld.
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he's our very own Baghdad Bob (taking over from Ari)
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Here's where he said they'd welcome us. Here's where he denies that he said they'd welcome us. You can just hear that trademark Rumsfeld sarcasm: "I may look like somebody else."
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Sure, the man might be a liar, but he does write some beautiful poetry.
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Okay, I may be taking this a bit too far (and I should be working on my dissertation) but I had to write up this little bit of research on Rumsfeld's denials. I was able to find all the transcripts for interviews mentioned in Rosenberg's article.
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