Elves in Iceland
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Elves in Iceland. Many modern Icelanders either believe in or won't rule out the existence of supernatural beings like the álfar, or elves. In the town of Hafnarfjordur, they are respected citizens. If you want to learn more, consider attending the Álfaskólinn, the Icelandic Elf School. (Iceland also has trolls, but then don't we all.)
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As I was composing this post, the power suspiciously went out. Lest any elves think I am mocking them, please rest assured that I too do not rule out your existence, and given empirical evidence of it I would be a staunch supporter of elf rights.

Let those who want to, arrive
Let those who want to, leave
Let those who want to, stay
Without harm to me or mine.

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Nim's Winter Tale.
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this is very good
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This settles it - I'm gonna buy the Jethro Tull Christmas Album
no one knows who they were, or what they were doing
great post!

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Is Elvis in Iceland? I thought he was in Graceland! Elvis is alive and well in Reyka... Rejyko... Rikja... Huh?

(Thanks, crunchy, for putting up the Tull reference before I had to click any other links. "Bourie" started rattling around my head, and it's the most pleseant earworm I've had in months)
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Ah, homunculus! That traditional elf greeting is a credo we could build nations around.

Still, in terms of the elves themselves (oh! I was a poet and didn't know it!), I think I would need to hear supporting evidence from a few more Icelanders before I could really swallow the 80 percent belief statistic.
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What season is it? In December, any unusual events might be attributed to the 13 Jolasveinar or Yuletide lads, offspring of the fearsome troll Gryla, stealer and devourer of naughty children. Over the years, the lads have grown more benign, tending to impish behavior or trickery, often leaving little presents in shoes. Starting Dec. 13, each night children might notice the arrival of Spoon-Licker, Bowl-Licker, Door-Slammer, Meat-Hook or one of their brethren.
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What season is it?

According to my TV it's Christmas, which means it's really Cthulhu season.
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Campus Crusade for Cthulhu! It works!
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Two words: Sigur Rós.

If they're not at least part-elf, I'm he for tigggy.
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bjork, bjork, bjork!
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[This is good].
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I guess "The Hindu Times" are as reliable vitnesses of Icelandic folklore as Icelandic newspapers are of Indian folklore.
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Ooops, that's "The Hindu".
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bjork, bjork, bjork!

you beat me to it!

i, too, have always suspected she is an elf.
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I like this advice on how to deal with trolls:

If you should come across such a creature do not attempt to communicate in any way, just run as fast as you can!
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