Amodal Suspension
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"Amodal Suspension" is a large-scale interactive installation developed for the opening of the new Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media (YCAM) in Japan. [more]
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"From the 1st to the 24th of November people can use this website to send short text messages to each other using a cell phone or web browser. However, rather than being sent directly, the messages will be encoded as unique sequences of flashes with 20 robotically-controlled searchlights, turning the sky around the YCAM Center into a giant communication switchboard."

[thanks NSOP]
posted by hama7 at 11:52 AM on November 17, 2003

double bubble--sorry hama
posted by amberglow at 11:55 AM on November 17, 2003

posted by hama7 at 11:57 AM on November 17, 2003

Before this disappears into the double-post dutbin, I'd like you all to visualize along with me the lights above Japan ablaze with the morse-code translation of a recent MetaTalk thread...

*head explodes*
posted by wendell at 12:52 PM on November 17, 2003

that should be DUSTBIN.

*picks pieces of head off floor, exits quietly*
posted by wendell at 12:54 PM on November 17, 2003

maybe there's a program somewhere where you can input an url and see it translated to a light show (a la itunes or some other graphic visualizer)?
posted by amberglow at 1:03 PM on November 17, 2003

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