POMegranate juice in a bottle?
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I wouldn't normally post a link to a product, but I found Blueberrry/Pomegranate juice in my local grocery store today and it is giving me the world's biggest juice boner. This is a very good day for my body, the best since Fresh Samantha decided to become some dumb company without a cute picture on the bottle.
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I tried POM at a street fair in Seattle this summer. It may be good for you, but it's weird. Kinda good, but definitely weird.
posted by zpousman at 6:26 PM on November 19, 2003

Pomwonderful has the cutest bottle since Orangina. My girlfriend's obsessed with the stuff.
posted by interrobang at 6:29 PM on November 19, 2003

... juice boner ... ???
posted by mischief at 6:29 PM on November 19, 2003

MetaFilter: The world's biggest juice boner.
posted by SpecialK at 6:32 PM on November 19, 2003

I used to drink Odwalla. Heavenly. Mango Tango! Then I got interested in food sugar levels and dropped it for a while. Now, since I've been eating low-sugar for a while, Odwalla juices are too sweet. This one, for example, has 34 grams of sugar in 8 ounces, one cup. That plays havoc on your system, especially your pancreas. It's about 7 times more than you should have in a serving. Orange juices are almost as bad.

I'm sure it's sweet, though. If you don't care about the effect and you're just in for a donut-like high, knock yourself out.
posted by squirrel at 6:33 PM on November 19, 2003

MetaFilter: This is a very good day for my body.
posted by SpecialK at 6:33 PM on November 19, 2003

We've got nudie
posted by johnny7 at 6:38 PM on November 19, 2003

I saw an ad for POM on the train the other day and am keeping my eye out for it. Haven't come across it yet, though.
posted by rushmc at 6:42 PM on November 19, 2003

Don't get me wrong... I'll try it when I see it. I'll just drink it a little at a time.

*What the HELL are we talking about?*
posted by squirrel at 6:44 PM on November 19, 2003

pamela anderson
posted by poopy at 6:47 PM on November 19, 2003

i found mine at a Stop and Shop in CT. it was in the produce cooler near the fruit. (not in a case)
posted by clango at 6:48 PM on November 19, 2003

Wouldn't you rather have a refreshing Turkey and Gravy soda?

Finally the taste of Worcestorshire sauce, in a soft drink!
posted by synecdoche at 6:49 PM on November 19, 2003

it is giving me the world's biggest juice boner.

That was funny.

On preview: I'm still laughing.
posted by sharpener at 6:49 PM on November 19, 2003

Get naked.
posted by emelenjr at 6:55 PM on November 19, 2003

amen to that emelenjr. The Bananaberry flavor rawks my sawks. The only problem is it's so danged expensive.
posted by jonmc at 7:00 PM on November 19, 2003

they're already serving Pom-and-vodkas in Berkeley.

"juice boner."

huh. huh-huh.
posted by _sirmissalot_ at 7:01 PM on November 19, 2003

Finally the taste of Worcestorshire sauce, in a soft drink!

That should be Worcestershire sauce, unless you live in Ohio, where it's Woostershire sauce. Of course, that would be rather redundant if you drink it while snacking on Chex Mix.
posted by wendell at 7:09 PM on November 19, 2003

But honey, it has protein! Clango's juice boner is likely a result of the potassium content or maybe because pomegranate is a symbol of fertility.
posted by shoepal at 7:25 PM on November 19, 2003

yeah i got some pomegranate juice from a russian grocery store one time, good stuff! also spirulina drinks are great :D
posted by kliuless at 7:27 PM on November 19, 2003

In other news, these Synder's of Hanover Salted Sourdough Pretzel Nibbleers are giving me the biggest pretzel boner ever.

posted by scarabic at 7:32 PM on November 19, 2003

In other news: studies show that coffee drinkers have more sex. If you are over 60, that is.....coffee boner? I'm a long way from 60, but I've had coffee boners since my early 20's. Juice boners......well, they're real too. Just different.
posted by troutfishing at 7:50 PM on November 19, 2003

I tried Pom's PomMango stuff. They were out of plain Pom. Was pricey at $3 or something, and sitting next to the orange juice at a normal grocery store. Didn't taste especially great to me, more like generic juice. If I didn't know it was PomMango I probably couldn't have told you what it was. Pom juice I've gotten at middle eastern stores has actually had flavor and tasted like the fruit. I dono what they're doing for $3, but the $1 cans from random companies with Arabic on the label tasted way better.
posted by stryder at 8:26 PM on November 19, 2003

myself, i'm waiting for a cold, delicious glass of sporkle.
posted by pxe2000 at 8:36 PM on November 19, 2003

I like POM Wonderful, but the regular kind, not the blueberry or cherry flavoured ones. I usually drink 1 bottle in about 4 or 5 parts, I don't think I'd be able to drink it in one go, not without making a bad face anyway :)
posted by riffola at 8:55 PM on November 19, 2003

if you are ever on Maui, Maui Juice makes a Ginger Blast concoction with bee pollen and honey. It is kind of harsh at first due to the massive amount of ginger in it, but I eventually became addicted to it. Makes you feel clean inside.

also, i am amazed that his hasn't turned into a ProductFilter™ finger-pointing exersize. hope for mefi after all?
posted by Hackworth at 9:01 PM on November 19, 2003

The juice boner line saved it, Hackworth. How can you snark on vivid imagery like that?
posted by sharpener at 9:45 PM on November 19, 2003

I'd love to try it. I occasionally make my own pomegranate juice (when they're in season, as they are now) and it's messy, hard work and very uneconomic. I just blitz them as I'm generally too lazy to mind the crunch from the seeds - hey, it's fibre! Also, it doesn't taste like much - just agreeably "citrussy" and watery, ideal for dumbing down the vodker. The joke here in Portugal is that everybody loves pomegranates - as long as they have no more than half a year. The week they first appear, we fiddle with them, debate methods of opening them - and then quickly get bored picking out the nuggets. They have an "almost" taste - like unripe watermelon.

So I'm very, very sceptical about POM - I bet they're using some form of enhancement. My guess is they're concentrating the flavour by boiling/reducing it down.

Also, for sauce-lovers everywhere, don't forget jus boners, please!
posted by MiguelCardoso at 10:35 PM on November 19, 2003

I'm all about the pomegranate love. One of the happiest moments of my life was when I was an exchange student, I discovered that my first host family had a pomegranate tree. A whole tree. Full of pomegranates. Free pomegranates. My fingers were still stained, weeks after they went out of season.

I've made fresh pomegranate juice, though generally I just eat the seeds directly, unless I'm using it to cook with. Let me tell you that cheese cake with warm pomegranate sauce is a thing to die for.
posted by jacquilynne at 10:49 PM on November 19, 2003

Vernors Ginger Ale (Canada Dry or Schweps ok)
Old Overholt Straight Rye Whisky
pomegranate juice


I usually got the juice by poking a pomegranate and squeezing. Inefficient, I'm sure. But hey, I was 20 at the time I was in to this.

You may substitute grenadine for the pomegranate juice, its nearly as good.
posted by Goofyy at 11:03 PM on November 19, 2003

I have a bit of a pomegranate obsession. I've tried the POM pomegranate/blueberry and pomegranate/cherry and found both of them too sweet. The pomegranate/tangerine is pretty good though. If you want to save some money buy your pomegranate juice from Middle Eastern stores, as you get a large bottle for about $5. You can mix it with Sprite to make pomegranate soda, or add sparkling water to tone down the flavor, or even mix it with vodka.

When I lived in Iran -- where the pomegranate originated -- they had a special variety that took most of the hard work/mess out of eating pomegranates. You would just squish it for a few minutes until it was soft and then poke a hole in it and suck the juice out. There's something very comforting about suckling from high antioxidant fruit.

Number of times the word "pomegranate" appears in this post: 9.
posted by Devils Slide at 2:09 AM on November 20, 2003

As a pomegranate, cut in twain,
White-seeded, is her crimson mouth,
Her cheeks are as the fading stain
Where the peach reddens to the south.
O twining hands! O delicate
White body made for love and pain!
O House of love! O desolate
Pale flower beaten by the rain!

[From Oscar Wilde's La Bella Donna Della Mia Mente.]
posted by MiguelCardoso at 2:39 AM on November 20, 2003

Well, that just about wraps it up, Miguel.

Time to go home, everybody.

Hey - Go home! Nothing more to see here, folks. Shoo! Scram! Beat it!......

And don't forget to purchase a pomegranate based product on your way home, y'hear?

posted by troutfishing at 3:48 AM on November 20, 2003

Rosa Mexicano across from Lincoln Center in Manhattan serves a marvellous pomegranate margarita. I'm a margarita purist and never thought it could be improved upon...but this does.
posted by rushmc at 5:14 AM on November 20, 2003

rushmc - That's one sexy drink.
posted by troutfishing at 5:23 AM on November 20, 2003

“Each time I swallow a seed of a pomegranate, it brings luck, and also stimulates imagination” Edward Saroyan

malum granatum-iconic, ironic, holy, symbolic, lingam enlarging, yummy!

One Thanksgiving I juiced four pomegranates [ I mashed them in a steel strainer ] and basted the turkey with the juice, the melted butter rub, and drippins. The crispy skin was a very royal ruby color and sealed the juices in well. Best turkey I've ever cooked and a Dr. J slam dunk with the dinner party kids.

Best Pretzel Boner - 1] WEGE's, 2]Hammond's, 3]Snyder's mustard
posted by roboto at 5:24 AM on November 20, 2003

Has anyone tried the delicious concoction of grapefruit juice and carbonations that is IZZE ?
posted by Satapher at 5:25 AM on November 20, 2003

I've never had Pomegranate, but from reading all the rave reviews I'll have to try one some time.

Thanks for broadening my horizens.

(Which is what MeFi is about after all, right?)
posted by evening at 5:48 AM on November 20, 2003

I'm so glad to be discussed with such fervor!

Recently the "Wonderful" variety of pomegranate was created and a company in California planted enough to more than double the pomegranate crop worldwide. There has been a huge push to market them in the US, even reaching down here into the hinterlands of southeast Texas. They are trying to make them as commonly available as the apple - which in my opinion would be sad, because it's nice to still associate them with fall and winter.

The drink is available here too, and I use it a lot for tasty adult beverages and as a substitute for orange juice in marinades.
posted by pomegranate at 6:17 AM on November 20, 2003

Artificial sweeteners and flavors and colors makes anything possible! Gray goo that tastes like ash and ass and add some magic with a cute bottle and you have a hit seller. %100 juice means nothing. If this was really %100 juice it would take 10 or more fruits to make one bottle and even 1 fruit would cost more than that bottle does so bet your phallic bottles behind this is junk with spunk.
posted by stbalbach at 6:23 AM on November 20, 2003

It's so delicious! I've been sucking down the juice as well. And pomegranite seeds over vanilla ice cream are my new favorite dessert.
posted by agregoli at 6:31 AM on November 20, 2003

I'm pretty sure the retail price of a single piece of high grade fruit and the wholesale price of a tonne of juice grade fruit do not closely resemble each other, stbalbach. I wouldn't be surprised to discover that the product is heavily cut with apple or grape juice (as many 100% juice products are), but your argument fails to be convincing.
posted by jacquilynne at 7:40 AM on November 20, 2003

Straight pomegranate juice is actually pretty expensive and usually sold in middle-eastern specialty grocery stores, at least in the US. This new stuff is 100% juice, but without a bottle in front of me I don't know if the main ingredient is apple, grape, or turnip.
posted by pomegranate at 8:38 AM on November 20, 2003

so how much are you getting paid for this viral marketing, clango?
posted by crunchland at 8:43 AM on November 20, 2003

The best part of October and November is when pomegranates come in season cause they are so fun to eat plus..."The total antioxidant capacity of 100 ml of pomegranate juice is two to three times that of 100 ml of red wine or 100 ml of green tea. This is due to the higher polyphenols content of pomegranates."

Thanks for the tip clango. If I had a boner I'd probably get one too cause I love the juice.
posted by oh posey at 9:10 AM on November 20, 2003

Talk of pomegranates always reminds me of Persephone.
posted by debralee at 10:07 AM on November 20, 2003

according to the site, the plain pomegranate is "100% pomegranate" juice, and the other flavors are "100% juice".
the labeling seems a little sneaky to me, and i think it's odd (and maybe illegal?) that they don't have the ingredients listed anywhere on the site.
posted by dolface at 10:20 AM on November 20, 2003

Here is a no mess way of opening pomegranates. (via mightygirl)
posted by thatothrgirl at 11:04 AM on November 20, 2003

i wish i was getting paid for this. i spent another $8 on two big bottles this morning, which is not really compatible with being broke.

at least coffee i can steal or brew at home. now i need a goddamn orchard!
posted by clango at 1:10 PM on November 20, 2003

I tried some today, on this thread's recommendation. It was pretty good; although I've had better. Certainly not orgasmic, or even memorable. The real problem with it thogh, is its price: $4 at my university, $5 at a local grocery store (both for bottles not much bigger than a regular snapple - although I didn't note the exact volume). That's simply absurd: juice with lunch should not cost as much as the actual food.
posted by kickingtheground at 2:35 PM on November 21, 2003

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