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Too Tough To Die. As of Sunday afternoon, the corner of Second Street and Bowery in New York City is now known as Joey Ramone Place. I lived about 200 steps from there a while ago - now I've got a good excuse to go back for a visit.
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How long ya figue till the sign gets stolen? I'm thinkin' maybe a week.
posted by jonmc at 8:23 PM on December 1, 2003

Hmm, I was just there the other day, and I din't see no sign.
posted by adamgreenfield at 9:18 PM on December 1, 2003

The pope's all set to beatify Joey next year. Turns out he's a huge fan.
posted by Fupped Duck at 9:36 PM on December 1, 2003

Too Punk Rock To Die
posted by stbalbach at 10:05 PM on December 1, 2003

Count me among those who are

Sad to see you go go go go goodbye.
posted by alex_reno at 11:44 PM on December 1, 2003

How come not 53rd and 3rd?
posted by JohnBigBoots at 11:55 PM on December 1, 2003

Joey Ramone Place is just a block from CBGBs...
posted by nyukid at 3:55 AM on December 2, 2003

How come not 53rd and 3rd?

Because that song was written by DeeDee about how he used to hustle guys so he could get money for heroin.
posted by jonp72 at 5:26 AM on December 2, 2003

I wonder if the street vendors will sell Carbona (not glue)?
posted by ElvisJesus at 7:06 AM on December 2, 2003

Not to take anything away from the man, but these ceremonial street designations tend to last about a decade before the disappear. Sometimes the same street corners are dedicated over and over...
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One of my happiest moments in my first days in NYC was spotting Joey on the street (I forget whether this was before or after I saw Boom-Boom Mancini, who didn't last quite as long in the spotlight). I'll have to go see the sign before jonmc somebody takes it home with them.
posted by languagehat at 8:19 AM on December 2, 2003

A nice tribute.

I can honestly say the first Ramones album changed my life. As a young teenager who'd been following the flock, that record opened a door to a new way of thinking, leading me to seek out all kinds of underground art and develop a very healthy cynical view of the steaming piles of trash that make up the bulk of pop culture.

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posted by davebush at 6:40 PM on December 2, 2003

Actually, davebush, judging from the Ramones publicly declared love of baseball cards, White Castle hamburgers, bubblegum & garage music, 60's top 40 radio, cheesy horror movies, Stephen King and surfing, it sounds like they openly embraced those "steaming piles of trash," and that's kinda why me and my freinds loved them.

and languagehat...you met Boom-Boom? Fuckin' A, man.
posted by jonmc at 8:19 PM on December 2, 2003

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