Feral Children
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Feral Children? Some of this has to be fiction... but even so, it still makes for interesting reading. Some links to media from the BBC and other sources.
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I was looking around there last night and, despite being rather obviously designed to shill a couple of books on the subject, it has some great links hidden about the place, especially to articles considering the language aquisition of children denied the chance to learn in the usual window between age two and puberty.

Depressing reading mostly, though - the cases of confined (as opposed to feral) children are just horrifying - for some reason, the fact that confined children often have siblings who are treated normally(-ish) by their parents was a particularly grim one to learn.
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Hit me baby one more time!
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OK, but I learned something new this time around. Is Kasper Hauser named after the boy who wants to be a horseman like his father?
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