Lists of five things.
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A lot more than five lists of Five Things.
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I very muched enjoyed this. And can totally relate to this list.
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Hilarious. Great link.
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Some of those are fuh-knee. Nice link.
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My dad used to watch the New Zoo Revue, too, just to ogle Emmy Jo.
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My favourite was on the five favourite quotes one:

"If he's not, he's missing his best bet."
(Sam's Dad, asked if their interior decorator was gay, 1984)

I guess it's just what dad's say worldwide. I also liked the tattoos I'm glad I didn't have one. I remember many years ago myself and a friend drunkenly contemplating getting the playstation symbols (all the X,O triangle and square nonsense) because at the time they were kind of cool. Am I glad we didn't do that one.

Though I could now say it was ironic and retro and be just so damn hip.
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From "Five Great Reasons to Buy a Hummer":

5. They were all out of penises.
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Wondering if I was the only human and everyone else was a robot placed here by God or a scientist - Five Somewhat Novel Compulsions I had at one time or another

We've all had that exact same thought before...kinda creepy when you're 16 years old, ain't it?

Those lists are amazing. Thanks.
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Five things I still don't get
1. Tortoise
2. Java
3. SUVs
4. Goldfish
5. Mormons

A lovely site.
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this is wonderful! ( and I haven't even thought of New Zoo Revue in decades! Henrietta Hippo!!!)
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I loved these lists. Thanks for the great link!
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So simple, yet so hilarious! That Merlin guy is a great writer (or at least, very witty). Thanks!
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Five Terrible Fake Christmas TV Specials
5. E!'s "Background Noise for Drinking Alone" Marathon

Hey! I saw that one... anyone remeber how it ends?
posted by adamt at 2:53 AM on January 10, 2004

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