copyright your DNA
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copyright your DNA and do it now... before it's too late!
posted by raedyn (2 comments total)
Harper's August issue (the one with the “Eggers Rant”) has a British poet/waitress’ patent application for her DNA. It’s billiant. This is the point where technology and philosophy collide. How do we qualitatively define self when it’s been quantitated? Are you more than your DNA? Will the business and governement worlds care?
posted by capt.crackpipe at 11:36 PM on August 30, 2000

What happens if a twin copyrights his own DNA before the other twin gets to it? Does that mean that the non-copyrighted twin (who was BORN with his own DNA) can't clone himself without paying his twin? That's kinda crummy. I'd sue my parents for taking all that Clomid, if I were in that situation.
posted by karaleah at 3:11 PM on August 31, 2000

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