Do it yourself art projects (by Yoko Ono, Bruce Nauman, Gilbert & George, Nam June Paik Natthew Barney and more)
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Do it yourself art projects – a how-to manual (by Yoko Ono, Bruce Nauman, Gilbert & George, Nam June Paik, Matthew Barney and more). I can't wait to try and turn my washing machine into a pinhole camera, to create a photo "in the time it takes to bake a cake". (warning: Quicktime)
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Barney writes a do-it-yourself story board for your very own Cremaster cycle.

I wonder if his genuis emerged before or after Yale.
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'yoko ono' is the sound i make in the corner after the room begins to spin.
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Boy can I NOT figure out how to navigate that site. Wow.
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Some great stuff here - reminded me of how much I enjoyed the games shows (some of the same artists were included in the "fluxus games" segment) at Mass MOCA a few years back - thanks!
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We are going to try this one soon in my home: BEN KINMONT [ K-002A ]

The possibilities of trust as a sculpture and the question of value for each participant
Invite a stranger into your home for breakfast.

FYI to all: Did you know you are being invited by this site/project to upload your project results (photos/text etc) after completion of the instructions? I think that round-trip is a really cool idea. And a perfect use of the medium.
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