An imaginary record collection
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An imaginary record collection. Okay, so I hit the flea market last Thursday in the freezing cold and came upon this dope soundtrack collection - Melinda, Sweetback's Badass Song, The Marketts Play Batman, Mannix, More Mission Impossbile, etc.., when I came upon this box of... fake records!!
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two words: Folk Art.
Intriguing stuff.
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I love stumbling across stuff like this in thrift shops and flea markets. I'm always amazed what people discard as "trash." I've never seen anything that is of this scope, ranging across so many years, however. It's great!

Thanks for the link soundofsuburbia!
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Wow, that's amazing. I wonder what became of the guy who made them? Hopefully the guys in that thread can find out a little more about the whole thing.
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A coworker of mine was pretty active in the DC music scene in the 70s and 80s. I showed the covers to him, and he couldn't make any sense of them.
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I used to draw out album covers for bands I was never going to form or record with.

I stopped at some point and now just make lists of song titles for songs I'll never write.
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these are incredible. great link!
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What a great day on Metafilter! Calooh callay!!!
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pretty cool!
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Am I the only person that thinks this is less than spectacular?
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i think it's quite spectacular. it's definitely outsider art. the owner, being in washington d.c., (i think) should definitely take them up to baltimore to the visionary art museum for review.
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From the Soul Strut thread: i imagine the mike was a dude working hard days in the meat plant working that mingerer and at night he'd kick back with some whiskey, throw on the melinda OST and get busy with some markers, yearning for the day when he could bounce outta DC (or b'more) and light up mics worldwide..

See, *that* is why this sort of stuff is cool. Not because it's brilliant art (although some "outsider" stuff is), but because it's a tiny window into someone's life, against which we can reflect ourselves.
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This is a fabulous link. Thanks. :)
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Very cool. For us too lazy to follow the soulstrut thread I wont object to the "double-post" that links to the article that reveals all...
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i've been following the thread. apparently, the guy who found the "records" went back to the flea market and purchased the rest of "mingering mike's" possessions. "mike" appears to be/have been a vietnam soldier. some reel to reel tapes were found with demos of some of the songs as well as some correspondence between "mike" and a buddy in prison - they were collaborating on lyrics. on the soulstrut thread, more images have been posted and someone said they have some "fake" 45's by the same "mingering mike". the original poster said he's been contacted by tons of people that want to write articles about his find and investigate "mike". he's currently arranging for digitizing the demo tapes and finding a spot with more bandwidth to host the scans and audio files.
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Am I the only person that thinks this is less than spectacular?

No, youre the only person who wasted their time saying nothing about nothing. Move along Thumper.
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Sigh. I guess an honest response is less desirable than I thought.
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I got a kick out of it. I used to do this my first year in college, designing the great album cover art and detailing the track listings (including authorship and who's on what instrument) for a completely fictional band. Most of the songs I only had a few lyrics for the chorus or an idea of what the song basically might be. Actually, "completely" fictional isn't right, since the band was made up of supposedly historical personages. But I was the only one who seemed to believe that these people actually had a band.

Later I did record some demos of the songs. Once I retire and have nothing to do I'll get to the whole four-album set. Here's hoping Mingering Mike gets his stuff out before that!
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A Well-Imagined Star: Mingering Mike speaks! [nytimes]
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what an interesting story...! i hope mingering mike gets a new chance at making music.
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Hey--this thread is alive again.
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