How cold is it on Mount Washington?
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So how cold is it on New Hampshire's Mount Washington, where hurricane force winds blow 104 days out of the year? Really freaking cold. The Observatory's website is a great resource for weather-geeks, and the interns have their own blog.
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And here I was complaining about how cold it is in Portland. I have nothing on those guys. Really cool site.

I used to live up there in the Mt. Washington Valley and I can vouch for the insanity of the locals. Taking off your clothes, running around, and saying, 'gee its cold', is par for the course up there.
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the insanity of the locals

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What a place — the high temperature that day on the mountain was -23°. At our house the low for the last few days has only been -14°; it's amazing how warm 10° feels after a few days where the temperature doesn't go above zero.

Such weather does keep the bugs down, however. And the assistant plumber who came along to fix our busted toilet pipe turned out to be a long-time jazz drummer, so I got to talk about Coltrane, Sonny Rollins, Miles, Cannonball, etc. Made the day seem much warmer.
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God I wish they had Metric - even in parentheses. I find it hard to convert a page of English measurements, especially when they go negative. What doofus came up with 33? as freezing point of water? What does the 0 point in English temperatures stand for anyway? I mean, I could understand a different scaling factor but when there's this weird offset.
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