21st century hunt
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Hunting and gathering in your own backyard: "Alistair Bland was a student at the University of California at Santa Barbara last year when he decided to spend 10 weeks as an urban hunter-gatherer. He foraged for food in that city and survived on what he could kill or find growing outside . . ." (Real Audio required). Bland reported on the project in more detail in the Daily Gullet.
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Sorry Ryan, low hanging fruit gets picked first.
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Damn it! I'll never trust that thing that checks the URL when you post again ;)
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no worries. Google is usually a better bet for checking if a topic has been previously discussed. I actually googledtm for "metafilter fig" to find the september thread. Odd that NPR is just now getting around to discussing the story.
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I think often of eating my dog. Am I a hunter-gatherer?
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No, you're just very hungry.
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Anybody interested in a diet of snow and ice is welcome to anything they can find in my back yard at the moment. (Actually, once in a while a white-tailed deer wanders through, but I haven't figured out how to fit him/her in the toaster oven.)
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lelilo - in small pieces, I'd say. Use the broiler pan too, or the deer chunk will tend to catch on fire from the fat-drippings.

There's a good sized herd of wild turkeys which shows up in my backyard about once a week or so. About two dozen turkeys. The really do make those gobbling noises, and some of them are quite big - 40 or 50 pounds, even. I've seen neighborhood cats trying to stalk this birdherd, but the turkeys just ignore house cats. They'd turn they tables on an attacking cat, I've no doubt.
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