The Mischke Broadcast
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The Mischke Broadcast — T.D. Mischke, or more affectionately known as Tommy among his regular callers is a radio personality like none other. Found on KSTP 1500 in the Twin Cities from 10pm to midnight, he keeps the evening hour uniquely his own. [RealAudio ahead] He sung an interview to Gordon Lightfoot tune, breaks out into rap about kidneys in India and pretends to be a long lost golfing buddy. He gained noteriety in broadcasting by showing up to work only to have two hours of dead air. Who makes you believe in great radio?
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Nice Fallows article. Thanks for the heads up and the links, pedantic. Good stuff!
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This hockey game conversation is great. "Decapitating! They're showing it right now on cnn ... Well, i DO golf ... if you can name the team where the ole 'face off' occurred ... You're not looking in the newspaper now are you?! FIVE SECONDS.. 5 4 .. nope! north dakota. North Dakota." ha, funny stuff. Thanks for the links.
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later from the same link, "For instance, kids have been electrocuted by sticking a fork in a toaster. And we know we shouldn't do that. Unless we're babysitting them and they're bein' mouthy" great great funny.
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I only started listening to Mischke the last year or so. I can't begin to tell you the number of times I've laughed out loud.

BTW: The KSTP radio stream is available. Be sure to listen to him sometime if you enjoyed the above snippets.
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He's strangely great. I hear him from time to time. He used to be on at 8:00pm. I think the station just bumped him back 2 hours to make more room for the some acceptably conservative Rush wannabe.

I think that Tommy started out as a frequent caller and was upgraded to host of his own show due to his unique slant on life in our times. I'd recommend a listen some night.
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Mischke's a better 10-mid host than that troglodyte Davis. The only thing good about Bob's show was "Bobovia". That died years ago, and now that Bob's in the morning I doubt it'll come back. Running a fictional island nation, complete with theme song, phone-in governing council, and soundboard-aided battles is something that only works on a late night show. If any of you ever heard Davis doing this, please reply so I know I'm not the only one here at MeFi who listened...
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Who makes you believe in great radio?

I'd like to give a shout out to my man, DJ Riz and Larry Metro, who both are Grade-A, first class music fiends on the mighty KEXP.

If you got aches, pains, migraines...whatever part of your body it is. Just lay on the radio when they're on and let the vibes flow through...
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I actually found Mischke annoying at first, but the more I listen to him, the more I like him. I guess I was just used to Rush Limbaugh. Mischke is definitely unique and worth listening to.

As far as AM1500 goes, Joe Soucheray is my favorite, followed by Bob Davis. (No, I haven't heard his Bobovia.)
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mygoditsbob: Mischke himself asked for the 10PM slot. His old slot has been filled by Chris Krok.
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That is an excellent article. I started listening to Mischke over the Internet after it appeared in 2000, partially because I had my own talk radio show at the time, and wanted to hear what the supposed best talk guy in the country sounded like. I had never heard anyone like him — essentially he just sat there and talked about what was happening inside his head, without much interaction with anyone except a woman who periodically did the news.

I enjoyed it, but it seemed like it would be hard to just broadcast your brain, night after night after night. And usually, after that, when I turned in he wouldn't be there, thanks to depression or some other sort of breakdown. So I stopped tuning in. Glad to hear he's back at work.

p.s. I was great at my show, too (if I say so myself), but I only had to do it for an hour every week. And I mostly let other people do all the talking. The show died in February 2001 after 154 episodes when the little local station was sold, to a giant conglomerate of course, but the web page still seems to be there.

p.p.s. I love that Gordon Lightfoot interview. It is radio genius.
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