Signs of the Apocalypse
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Signs of the Apocalypse
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Well I'm Keeping It Real...
posted by Dreamghost at 6:58 AM on February 6, 2004

my new defense program for stupid and misleading posts
posted by clavdivs at 7:09 AM on February 6, 2004

the signs abound, actually. ie.teatgate
posted by Fupped Duck at 7:14 AM on February 6, 2004

That was a rubbish article. It took all it's time to try and convince me that hiphoppers wanted to wear suits. But it had done that by para three. What I wanted to know is how they're making suits look cool.

Are they wearing the pants four sizes too large? Are they doing anything clever at all ... or are they just, well, buying suits?
posted by bonaldi at 7:43 AM on February 6, 2004

What does mcgraw's post-title have to do with the (not terribly interesting) article?
posted by dhoyt at 7:45 AM on February 6, 2004

posted by johnnyboy at 7:50 AM on February 6, 2004

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