Blessed Are the Bellmakers
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Minne de vergine are rounded marzipan confections made by nuns in honor of St. Agatha, a Christian martyr who is the patron saint of bellmakers. Not safe for the Superbowl.
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The iconography that inspired it all. Note the platter.
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Don't take this personally, but it's things like this that make me believe God doesn't exist...

What a horrible and ugly story. But worth reading, nonetheless.
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The proper dessert to follow a nice St. Erasemus stew.
(just kidding - there isn't a St. Erasemus stew, I hope)
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I wonder if anyone took the trouble to find out exactly how many of them you do get to the pound?
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Speaking of patron saints, there's the "Little Virgin of the Avocado Groves" (scroll down a bit for the story, demarcated by bold text) - She's the somewhat right-wing patron saint of avocados, property rights, and employee fidelity.

But Saint Dymphna</a. is my favorite.
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Oops, that's Saint Dymphna
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...During the tortures that preceded her martyrdom her breasts were cruelly crushed...

Genesis of the mammogram?
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