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For two decades, Peter Belt has been selling $75 pens, $750 alligator clips, "Quantum Cream" and "foil", and other somewhat pricey and *ahem* unconventional products to audiophiles, claiming these will improve the sound of their fancy hi-fi systems. Unsurprisingly, some are skeptical; however, others seem quite convinced.
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Blue Stone > LMAO
posted by Blue Stone at 9:15 PM on February 9, 2004

LMAO > Blue Stone
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I already made my statutory Time Cube joke today.
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"The P.W.B. Quantum Clip is capable of manipulating certain inanimate material into a condition that mimics the quantum state of our living senses. To understand the importance of such a technique, it is necessary to realise that the human senses evolved in a world long before most of the materials within the modern environment existed. The human senses evolved to interact with certain, specific, energy patterns - namely other relevant forms of life. "

This man is, of course, screamingly ignorant or insane. Maybe he can make a hat out of his own "Quantum" foil.
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Why would you say he is insane? Maybe criminal. Certainly a charlatan. Question rather the silly folk who would buy his quantum gobbledegook.
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I can no longer sit back and allow communist infiltration, communist indoctrination, communist perversion and the international communist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids (... through our fancy hi-fi systems).
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It's always nice interesting to hear that some element of audiophile kookery is being exploited for the purpose of making a lot of money. Let me get back to painting the edges of my CDs with a green felt-tip pen...
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Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball audiophiles.
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Admittedly, the claims of this product are incredible -- as in unbelievable and hard to believe as being credible -- but that said, they are offering a free sample of their foil for the asking.

So, why the naysaying when you are being given the raw material needed to do proper testing?

I'm tempted to email them and get a free sample of the foil so that I can run tests that are a good deal more scientific in nature than what they've suggested on their site, ideally having several of my friends listen to "treated" CDs in a double blind environment. If they're frauds, I can find out, and they will be out the cost of the foil, plus S&H... and I could even write a negative review of them for my weblog.
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The man suggests drawing on the edges of floppy disks with a 'specially treated' bog-standard marker for goodness sake, insomnia.

Perhaps you could do a double-blind test on my claims that pooing on your CDs will enhance their sound? Y'know, there might just be something in it.

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the very act of reading metafilter alters metafilter. in order to fully and correctly perceive the information flowing from metafilter, i recommend that my product, a "quontum smock" be worn at all times while within the emanations of metafilter. further clarity can be attained by seating the CRT firmly in the "electrostatic quontum gondola" which molds itself automatically to your monitor base and adds a distinct harmonic energization to all information passing through it.
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