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This Presiden't Day, the First Cat would like to ask you some questions.
posted by TimeFactor (10 comments total)
So wait, we're outsourcing all these jobs to Bush's cat?!

That crosses the line, right there. It's wrong, and I don't care who knows it!
posted by tittergrrl at 8:24 PM on February 16, 2004

I went 7 for ten.
posted by Yelling At Nothing at 8:39 PM on February 16, 2004

dubyuh's favorite pet is ofelia, with whom he enjoys frequent morning frolics.
posted by quonsar at 8:40 PM on February 16, 2004

tittergrrl stole my joke.
posted by machaus at 8:44 PM on February 16, 2004

some of us have a couple questions for the first cats owner as well .....
posted by specialk420 at 11:27 PM on February 16, 2004

Boy, the White House's charming quiz loads so slowly on dialup that I can almost hear the low muttering of John Ashcroft reading over the contents of my computer.

I had a 6/10 score until this one:

Q10. President George W. Bush was once a business leader who managed and owned a professional sports team. What sport did the team play?

posted by interrobang at 11:40 PM on February 16, 2004

This reminds me of an "I Like Socks" button I bought while Clinton was in office. It had a picture of Socks sitting on a lawn (presumably the White House lawn?), and was adorable, but...
posted by halonine at 12:18 AM on February 17, 2004

Five out of ten.
posted by seanyboy at 2:43 AM on February 17, 2004

10/10. Did you guys read that they name their longhorns after staffers? Probably not their favorite staffers, huh?
posted by jennak at 5:10 AM on February 17, 2004

No presidential pet will ever replace Pauline (last cow to live in the White House) in my heart. Although they've also had an alligator, some raccoons, a mockingbird, and some tigers there.
posted by LeLiLo at 11:36 AM on February 17, 2004

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