Images of Iranian actresses say a lot about the social changes
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Iranian actress, Hedieh Tehrani, is one of the most popular stars who, unlike the previous actresses, usually portrays a strong and independent women in her works (See more). On the other side is Niki Karimi who once was the hottest actress in the country, showing a rather traditional image of the Iranian women. What is this change of taste telling about the Iranian society? See more stills from Iranian movies.
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Am I going to be put on some kind of list for looking at this?
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And she is one very strikingly beautiful woman.
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I'd totally hit that.
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Huh? Yes, the films that Karimi has made recently have been a bit Lifetime-ish, but I think it's unfair to say that she's now just "showing a rather traditional image of the Iranian women." For example, in 1999's Do zan (Two Women) she plays the part of a woman who, despite her smarts and independent nature, somehow gets trapped into the role of a "traditional Iranian woman." She then fights to get out of that trap.

Perhaps not groundbreaking films, but ones that can still annoy part of Iranian government. Niki was also recently in Tahmineh Milani's The Hidden Half, a film that briefly landed Milani in jail.

And perhaps since she's now a little older she's no longer "the hottest actress" in Iran to many, but Karimi's still "hot" and definitely still knows how to act well.
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woman from Iran are beautiful
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Hoder, I normally love your posts, but I don't quite see the point of posting some photos of actresses. If you want to talk about what "this change of taste [tells us] about the Iranian society," why not link to something on that topic?
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