Mathematicians go to the garden gate but they never venture through to appreciate the delights within. -- M.C.Escher
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Tessellations :: the intersection between symmetry, mathematics, and art.
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hofstadter discusses introducing distortions in tessellations in his book metamagical themas. a long time ago i wrote a simple bit of python code (nothing like as polished as the software at the link above) that helps generate such things [self link; note i have no email at the moment, so don't expect any support with that].
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Nice site - though I've seen much of it, not all of it (not even all the Eschers). And it's easy to get around in and see the cool stuff.
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Related ideas come up with Penrose tiles. Consisting of two simple shapes, Penrose tiles can be placed to fill a plane -- but only aperiodically. Start laying them, and you'll never, ever find one area that exactly matches another.

The first things I'd want if I ever had the chance to build a home would be a very nice bath and kitchen. But not too long after that would be to have a fairly substantial area tiled in Penrose tiles -- there's something about having the floor of my house at the "center" of an infinite, never-repeating plane that appeals to me.
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'cause there's nothing worse than sitting on the can and spacing out on the repeating patterns in the linoleum.
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Hey, this is really cool! Of course, it's no Tesla.
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Excellent link - thanks! I'll have to try this out myself - eventually. :-)
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I turned a tellelation in for a school project today.

You have no idea how painfully dull it is to paint 250or so of the same shape onto a board.
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I wonder if Penrose would sue over the bathroom tiles, too...
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