It's naht zo bad
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The Story of a Czech SuperStar Contestant. The Czech version of Pop Idol (or American Idol, if you prefer) is finally starting to get good. But it may not be for the reasons the show's creators wanted. Anna, known also by her SuperStar number 3469 or better yet as "Dajdou," has become the most famous of all the contestants so far, precisely because she is what the Czechs refer to as an "antitalent." (via Living in Europe)
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Oh, a Czech version of William Hung.
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We have the same thing happening in Hungary. Simply horrid, vapid reality TV is cheap to produce and everything seen on the screen brings in advertising income. Right now the Hungarian government is trying to fund reality TV shows to have the contestants play educational games to discuss Hungary's membership in the European Union. One minister said last week "The people who watch these shows are not people who watch the news."
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That chick has balls! I'm not surprised by her popularity at all- finally a contestant with character.
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Is it my audio, or do they have to do the songs a capella?

If she had nothing to harmonize with or even keep the beat, that wasn't all that bad. I've heard worse.
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I believe I've been described as an "antitalent" once or twice...
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They have to do it A Capella, I think, in all the Idols. It's a real challenge. Even William Hung sounds like a better than average singer to a backing track (it's only his enthusiasm that makes it funny, I'm sure the judges encountered far, far worse in terms of actual singing).
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(hit enter in the address bar again after going to that link, it doesn't seem to like remote linking)
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And if that mix isn't tone-adjusted, he actually has quite exceptional pitch.
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IANAAIC, but I believe American/Pop Idol contestants audition before the judges by singing without accompaniment. It's only the ones who make it into the actual competition who get to work with the arrangers and vocal coaches.
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