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Interviewing with an Intelligence Agency (or, A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Fort Meade) is a really fascinating read of one fellows experience while attempting to pass a security clearance for employment with the National Security Agency. Ironically enough I have to wonder if perhaps you need to be just a little bit crazy to do it. But of course crazy in a NSA/DOD friendly way, as opposed to standing on a table clucking like a chicken...
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that *would* be the NSA/DOD friendly way...

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quonsar, get off my table!

Uh, that was a mighty long PDF. Care to pull a few choice quotes for us ADD types?
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Well, I liked this bit:

I’ve never been convicted - let alone arrested - of any misdemeanor or felony, I don’t do drugs, and I don’t even have any points on my driver’s license (knock on wood). Stable marriage, couple of kids. Get along with the neighbors, etc.

I thought “Hey, I’m a decent person. Clearance should be pretty straightforward. What could go wrong?”

P.J. O’Rourke posed the following question in his book Parliament of Whores: “Our Government: What the f#ck do they do all day, and why does it cost so godd@mned much money?”

The security clearance process is a partial answer to that question, and in-turn the government ponders a similar question about you.

Really though, it's worth the time to read. Besides being informative, it's entertaining as well... If it's any consolation, the meat of the paper is in pages 1-18, the rest is bibliography. Still long, but not as bad as it looks at first.
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[this is good]
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I really enjoyed reading this, thanks.
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Now this is what the FPP is all about.

[This is fucking awesome.]
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Oh my god - CONTENT! On the interweb!

Thanks very much, ehintz. That was better than what was on TV tonight.
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[this is good]
No wonder the security services around the world seem to be in so much trouble. Indeed, the process sounds like it is "designed to retain only the most bland" at a time when lateral thinking and creative solutions are needed more than ever.
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[this is good]
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No biggie, but I would have liked a pdf warning. I'll go read now...
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Thank you for this.
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