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Worldbuilder (no relation to the old Mac adventure game toolkit) is an excellent way to start off the week by completely crippling productivity. I've played many games from these guys before, and they're always great. I envy the independent game designer that gets to work with Lego so often. Via GTA.
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Fortunately my son is just now leaving for school; if he saw a Lego online game we'd never get him pried away from the computer.
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Your son? What about a son's dad? I'm trapped! Augh! Those darn crabs!

itch itch
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I got to world 2 and then lost interest... I want to build my own things, not more little buggies. There's some program which allows you to build using virtual legos - some of the really hardcore hobbyists use it to plan out their structures - but I can't recall its name...
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