Reminder: Al Gore is on Oprah today, Bush next Tuesday.
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Reminder: Al Gore is on Oprah today, Bush next Tuesday. can you tell i work at home? :) an interesting chance to see the candidates speak, though probably very scripted.
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I was once invited to be on Oprah, but turned her down. Some day I will tell the story about the show's producers practically begged me to do the show because I was the only guest who would have led credibility to the show's topic.
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"probably very scripted"? It's gonna be so absurdly scripted that even the "unscripted" parts will have been run before multiple focus groups. Politics boils down to a contest to see which side can do their event-scripting with greater efficiency and speed.

...and Cam needs to tell his story...
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Why is it that in stories like Cam's, they're always afraid to name the company that screwed him, and the people who caused him to be fired?
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They're afraid because they don't wanna get sued into oblivion. The company usually doesn't even need to have a winnable case -- they just need to occupy a few hundred hours of billable legal counsel, and most people will be crushed. This is why some jurisdictions have laws against what are termed "strategic lawsuits against public participation". But those laws probably wouldn't help Cam anyway, since he'd arguably be covered by contract law.
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When he tried to work in the Federal Trade Commission report about entertainment violence, talking about "inappropriate albums" marketed to children, Winfrey stopped him cold. "They're called CDs now," she said. "They've been CDs for a long time."
I must be doing pretty good today, this is the only thing that irritated me. They are still albums. Albums is a better, more descriptive a collection of music. Oprah is a goof who probably has less contact with the real world than Al. It's the deaf interviewing the mute.
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Finally something I can agree with thirteen AND Al Gore on - they were called albums way back last century when they consisted of a collection of 4-to-6 78RPM records with one song on each side (in a package that resembled a photo album, thus the name). The name survived the change to a single-disc 33RPM "Long Playing" record, so why couldn't it stay the same when the medium changed to the small silvery CD? I even called 'em ALBUMS when I owned 'em on Cassette! They still called removable magnetic discs "Floppys" when they evolved from 8-inch really-floppy packaging to 3-inch much-more-rigid packaging (there's a double-entendre in there somewhere I know). Whether it's on a Video Cassette or a DVD it's still a Movie, isn't it? (Except maybe "Battlefield Earth") This is just another thing to blame the RIAA for, right?
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Agreed. Everyone still calls them albums, except those that are so overly concerned with appearing "hip" and "relevant" (like, say, Oprah) that they feel the need to make such distinctions.

I don't suppose Al mentioned putting O magazine on the "inappropriate" list, did he? I might actually vote for him then!
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Zactly: Oprah can't differentiate the genre from the medium of delivery. Which should really be clear from her "Book Club".
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