But I know my luck too well Yes, I know my luck too well
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Born Slippy Lucky? (via BBC via memigo)
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Oh, I remember reading some of the book related to this (The Luck Factor) once. From skimming through a few chapters, it just seemed like a really long-winded way of saying that you'll be more "lucky" if:

- You talk to lots of people.
- You think positively.
- You follow your gut feelings.

More detail here. It's hardly revolutionary.

If you read the BBC article, though, it seems (to me anyway) that there could be a chance that you'd be more "lucky" depending on your month of birth, just because of the different upbringings children born in different months might receive. There are a lot of flaws in his study, though (self-reporting, extraneous variables, possibly biased questions) that any link he comes up with would be pretty tenuous.
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Then there's those who don't believe in luck. I think everything happens for a reason. I also think that a greater good can come out of every seemingly "bad" situation...

...am i super positive, anti-luck or just whacked?
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i would like to commend you on the two good brisith music references.
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I'm sure all three of us who are Underworld fans will appreciate that. :)
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mega mega white thing
mega mega white thing
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Wow, didn't mean for my lyrical peppering to influence the discussion of luck, though Luck has often been a lyrical theme throughout the years.

I find the idea of a Luck Profile interesting. Can certain personalities be more susceptible to luck? Does your perception of your luck influence your personality to such an extent that it changes your luck? If you can really "influence" luck, then is anyone truly lucky or does casting a wider (open) net simply result in lowering the barrier to chance occurences which can be construed as luck? Seems a bit like astrology and reeks of self-fulfilling prophecyness to me. "I am open to luck therefore I feel luckier and lucky things happy to/for me."
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Back when I lived in Detroit, I would reliably get free food at restaurants at least once a week. It was always that the restaurant screwed up the order and offered me something free to compensate. The people I worked with liked to go out for lunch with me in hopes of sharing in my luck.

The best time was when my parents came up for a visit and five of us (including my sister and my sister's friend) went out for pizza. I told them on the way over about my restaurant luck. They didn't believe me -- until the pizza place brought out the wrong pizzas and said "Well, you can eat on these ones, no charge, and we'll bring the ones you ordered out as soon as they're ready." When we got the check, they had charged us for none of the pizzas. My parents became believers.

I don't believe in luck, so this was clearly a multi-year statistical fluke. But what a fluke!
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Kindall, out of curiosity, when your order was invariably screwed up, how did you react? Did you complain? Make a subtle remark? Or simply note that the order as delivered was incorrect?

When restaurants make a mistake I am wont to ignore it and simply make the best of the situation. I very rarely make a fuss and very rarely (if ever) get a free meal or any sort of appeasement offering. Maybe I look like a sucker or maybe my reaction doesn't indicate that they need to compensate me for the mistake. I would be curious to see if there is a particular reaction that elicits the golden response of Free Food.
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Kindall, out of curiosity, when your order was invariably screwed up, how did you react? Did you complain? Make a subtle remark? Or simply note that the order as delivered was incorrect?

The latter, when I needed to. In the case of the free pizzas, and in many other situations, the server noticed it before I had to say anytihng. I'm not generally a complainer and on occasion I have explicitly told the server that nothing need be done, I just wanted them to know. They usually insisted on doing something anyway.
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