"Space Survivor" deal is cut
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"Space Survivor" deal is cut to the tune of 40 million. Watch in drooling wonder as perky americans from every age/race/sex demographic go though the trials of a "Survivor" race to be an astronaut- on Mir!! Wasn't Mir supposed to be ditched in the ocean years ago?
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Wow. I wonder what happened that made NBC get this instead of CBS. You'd think they'd eat up anything Mark Burnett handed to them at this point.

BTW, Rudy says he definitely wants to be on Survivor Mir.
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I think that this is a great idea personally. I don't know how inclined I will be to watch this show (unless there happens to be another contestant as hot as Colleen) but I would definitely like to be on it. I would definitely deal with all the crap involved in being on a show of this type PLUS all the crap involved in qualifying to be a cosmonaut just for the opportunity to go into space. It certainly would be worth more than a million dollar prize to me. Unfortunately for the networks, I think that the kind of contestent that will be attracted to the going-into-space prize will be overall less interesting to watch for the average viewer than those attracted to the million-dollar prize. Maybe I'm wrong though. It is also a bit of a gamble to assume that Mir will still be in orbit a year and a half from now.
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NASA has long wished that Russia would ditch Mir, so that it can concentrate on ISS. Russia, alas, has different ideas. (And the Russian equivalent of NASA, the RSA, is a fig leaf; the real power there is with the privately-owned aerospace contractors Energia and Krunichev (who are always in pissing matches). Effectively Mir is a private venture, with the Russian government the primary customer.

If you read Dragonfly, you'll learn that cosmonauts are veritable capitalists by comparison with our selfless public servants, with every risky or complicated task earning them a bonus. This really is quite in line with all that. ;-)
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Kill Your Television
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Now this is some real surviving. Can a lowly American cope with a collapsing space station? Or will he or she merely sit around and drink vodka out of a pouch?

I wonder if the Russian space program is going to start slapping ads onto the side of Mir to offset their costs. "This day of oxygen and food is brought to you by PepsiCo!" Great.
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The launch of the Russian component of the international space station was underwritten by Pizza Hut. That's how they finally got it up into space.

As rabidly pro space, and pro me in space, as I am. I might just think twice about going aboard MIR. The astronaughts who have returned from it described the experiance as hellish. I'd choose a safer station.
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Comrades: The Darwinism Home Game.

We might try it next weekend.
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