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J&H Productions will give the label a percentage of J & H Productions or a percent of the gate, either one. Because J & H Productions is getting ready to do shows and J & H Productions would like to hook up with the label industry pertaining to shows.
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Cavalcade of Stars: 4
Cincinnati: 8
respond: 7
"azz forz"/"as far as": 11
Warner Brothers: 5
"contract" or "contracts": 12
stadiums: 10
coliseums: 13
label: 16, all in the first 1/3 of the tape
pertaining to: 32
J & H Productions: 33
The Oak Ridge Boys: 1
posted by starkeffect at 1:35 AM on April 8, 2004

Pertaining to the J & H Productions tape: I have listened to this thing in its entirety several times, and I never cease to be entertained by it.
I will wait for a respond from you pertaining to this. Thank you and have a good morning or a good afternoon pertaining to hearing this tape from J & H Productions International. I will be waiting to hear from you. Thank you.
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I have also rocked and swayed and clapped my hands to this item pertaining to J&H Productions many times, and always in places big enough to do it in.
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"My shows will be the dynamic shows ever being gave..."

I'll pertain to that!
posted by Outlawyr at 8:21 AM on April 8, 2004

Messrs. J & H assure the public
Their production will be second to none
And of course Henry The Horse dances the waltz!
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