blue jam
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blue jam : all three series. ~17 hours of music mixed with disturbing comedy and downright weirdness.
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Parsh as I am to the old Morrisian, this is a bit of a lumpen fester.

New TV series on the cards, so Daily Mail readers ready your complaint-pen and paper!

With the complainments of the Pestilent, more grist:

Glebe's thrift funnel
The Felchspoon
Cook'd and Bomb'd
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When you post so radio show on metafilter
but find ye computer turned to dog
that be all gutter-swollen and football-abused;
Then turn and find all zombie child posters
Asking for ball back pleasey-nicey
While feeding imaginary pancake to rabid pony-

then welcome
Ak hun welcome
In #336699 Jam #336699 Jam...
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powerAll to the realsir
brasseye has the brassneck
when morris gets a show again
thats the last we see of the exec.

Man's a genius.
posted by dash_slot- at 12:13 PM on April 10, 2004

There's a CD available on Warp Records, although it doesn't seem to be on their downloadable site, bleep. I have a copy around here somewhere...
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thank you.
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