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When are windows defaults sounds interesting? When you put them together like this. It gets better as it goes on.
posted by mathowie (6 comments total)

This post was deleted for the following reason: I search and searched and searched, but it was here already

Very cool! Brian Eno would be pleased.
posted by GriffX at 3:47 PM on April 14, 2004

Double Post
posted by saladin at 3:48 PM on April 14, 2004

Wow, I am impressed and frightened at the same time. Awesome!
posted by Dark Messiah at 3:52 PM on April 14, 2004

Sounds very '70's; very Kraftwerk(sp?). Impressive.
posted by ParisParamus at 3:54 PM on April 14, 2004

The first one had a description that didn't make it clear what exactly the sound file was. I say leave this one because I missed the first one for that very reason.
posted by The God Complex at 3:55 PM on April 14, 2004

that was excellent.
posted by synapse at 4:00 PM on April 14, 2004

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