That's a lot'o'peeps
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If you're going to brag that you could eat 100 peeps at a sitting, don't do it the day after Easter when they're on sale.
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The peeps only have to be INSIDE his body!

Sorry, this really made me think of Malcolm
posted by cheineking at 8:52 PM on April 15, 2004

Sadly, I've never had a peep in my life. I've never even seen one in real life so I've been led to believe they aren't available in Canada. This is a shame, because i've had a life-long love for marshmallows and marshmallows foods (chocolate covered marshmallow brooms! YUM)
posted by Evstar at 8:54 PM on April 15, 2004

I miss college
posted by shadow45 at 8:56 PM on April 15, 2004

I used to buy month-old Easter rabbits at K-Mart, for a song.

I'd melt them down to make - ummm - other things
posted by troutfishing at 9:08 PM on April 15, 2004

Those were simpler times, or so it seems now to my shrinking brain.
posted by troutfishing at 9:10 PM on April 15, 2004

I'm in Canada and had my hands on some peeps finally from a visiting friend. Sadly, I forgot them in a restuarant. I wonder if I'll ever know what they taste like?
posted by loquax at 9:11 PM on April 15, 2004

Think marshmellow rolled in sugar. That's pretty much it.
posted by LittleMissCranky at 9:26 PM on April 15, 2004

But they looked so cute!
posted by loquax at 9:29 PM on April 15, 2004

loquax: they mostly taste like sugar.
posted by interrobang at 9:30 PM on April 15, 2004

I did 20 at a sitting the other day without even noticing, so 100 doesn't seem that far fetched.

Then again I once tried eating an entire key lime pie...
posted by togdon at 9:32 PM on April 15, 2004

Reminds me a little of the Bad-Candy website, long live Happy Plum
posted by CrazyJub at 9:42 PM on April 15, 2004

I bought a box of 20 Saturday. I tossed the box after five...sad I used to love these at easter. Maybe it was because they were a little crusty and had fake plastic grass stuck to them.
posted by jeblis at 9:43 PM on April 15, 2004

Oh reminds me of the cartoon where a kid is looking at a rack of candy in a store and the man next to him says: "When you grow up you can afford to buy the whole rack, sadly you'll no longer want it"
posted by jeblis at 9:45 PM on April 15, 2004

Sorry, this really made me think of Malcolm

malcolm SO stole this from the intarweb.
web peeps have always been peep eaters.

consider the paradox inherent in, grasshopper...
posted by quonsar at 9:51 PM on April 15, 2004

Oh man, togdon, not key lime pie... My family vacationed in Key Largo one year and, of course, we had key lime pie. And then, over the course of the week, we had more. And more.
... And more.
It was years before I could even think of key lime pie without wanting to vomit.
posted by mote at 9:53 PM on April 15, 2004

malcolm SO stole this from the intarweb.

I would say it was more of a Cool Hand Luke homage.
posted by bobo123 at 10:04 PM on April 15, 2004

God, I love key lime pie. It would be a tragedy if my love for it were destroyed by overindulgance.

I'm willing to give it a try, though.
posted by Ethereal Bligh at 10:24 PM on April 15, 2004

I could eat a whole key lime city.
posted by lazaruslong at 10:27 PM on April 15, 2004

The best key lime pie in all the world ... well, unfortunately, I already ate it, so you can't have it.

But it was, once upon a time, on my plate, at the Rustic Inn of Fort Lauderdale, FL.
posted by dmd at 11:09 PM on April 15, 2004

They make Key Lime cities? Belgium! I've been eating mine plain all these years for diddly-jack squat!

If I have to eat one more flavorless, pasty, sweaty, donut-stuffed commuter-in-a-box I'll just scream! Oh, but you know what's a good antidote for commuters? Babies.
posted by loquacious at 11:26 PM on April 15, 2004

Peeps are available in Canada, at least in Toronto. I saw them at my neighbourhood No-Frills (low-end grocery store chain) this past weekend. I was hosting my family's Easter do and buying chocolate for that, and I considered buying a box of Peeps. I decided against it though - they do look kind of cute, but revolting at the same time.
posted by orange swan at 2:43 AM on April 16, 2004

I once attempted to eat a gallon of vanilla pudding for $100. I had two hours to finish it. I got about 40% through before I had to stop due to sugar overdose- an altogether horrible feeling. The rest of the day was VERY unpleasant. 40% of the can was something like 3 and 1/2 pounds of pudding.
posted by sciurus at 4:13 AM on April 16, 2004

Unwrap Christmas peeps and poke paperclips through the top, and let them sit around and harden for a day or two. They make bitchin' tree decorations. Plus you have snacks on hand in case you have a tree-trimming party. Just watch the paperclips.
posted by iconomy at 4:48 AM on April 16, 2004

I felt compelled to look this up, apparently human stomach capacity is typically only about a quart so consuming a gallon isn't going to happen without some practice. I guess this must mean your body has to work quite hard if you're on the lash and explains why one has to 'break the seal' around the third or fourth pint.
posted by biffa at 5:07 AM on April 16, 2004

bobo123: What we have here is a failure to communicate.
posted by bingo at 6:29 AM on April 16, 2004

When I was in university, a co-worker at the school newspaper bet my housemate that he (the co-worker, not the housemate) could eat 50 hard-boiled eggs, Cool Hand Luke-style. Dummy. Dude got to just over 20 and puked like I've never seen anyone puke before. Hard-boiled eggs are dense.
posted by The Card Cheat at 6:50 AM on April 16, 2004

In other Peeps-related news, it should be noted before you eat them that the eyes are indestructable.
posted by The Card Cheat at 6:53 AM on April 16, 2004

Card Cheat, that's hysterical. :)

And the FPP...I am constantly amazed at the cruel things boys will do to each other. I mean, it's funny...don't get me's just that I fear the coming teenage years as my son grows up.
posted by dejah420 at 7:37 AM on April 16, 2004

My friend Kath has been claiming since college that she would have no trouble eating 50 heads of lettuce at a go ("they're mostly WATER!!"). she is about 5'1" and weighs maybe 100 lbs. i'd love to see her try.
posted by tristeza at 9:22 AM on April 16, 2004

Someone once bet me $5 to eat a stick of butter. I got half way through before getting very very sick.
posted by drezdn at 9:28 AM on April 16, 2004

I did the butter test, so problem. I melted the butter and, erm, just drank it.

I didn't feel well later, but not too bad. The bet was to forgive $30 worth of debt, so I didn't even get any dosh for it.
posted by n9 at 9:36 AM on April 16, 2004

Just a few things:

1. Peeps must be the most disgusting taste "treat" on the planet. It's puffed sugar rolled in...sugar. Oy.

2. I have a major phobia/fear/retch factor (?) for anything approaching an eating contest, so this was my daily dose of "can you get over your weird phobia?"

3. Still funny as hell
posted by BurnedEve at 10:48 AM on April 16, 2004

Peeps must be the most disgusting taste "treat" on the planet. It's puffed sugar rolled in...sugar. Oy.

They're still better than Necco wafers, which taste like headaches coated with bug blood.

And better than Hostess Sno-Balls. Ergh. Even as a kid, I knew these things sucked a dog's ass.
posted by ROU_Xenophobe at 11:07 AM on April 16, 2004

Reminds me of one night at 4am when somebody in the dorm pulled the fire alarm and tested out the gallon of milk rule. The milk one and landed on the ground for all to see.

Then, you have my other friend RJ who had 23 shots of expresso in an hour. Sad thing is he was fine. My other friend tried to one-up him (something you just don't do to RJ when it comes to stupid eating tricks) and was about to die after 13. (BTW, they worked at Starbucks, hence how they get all the shots)
posted by jmd82 at 11:22 AM on April 16, 2004

Metafilter: Tastes like headaches coated with bug blood.
posted by rushmc at 11:29 AM on April 16, 2004

BC has Peeps, available at London Drugs.
posted by five fresh fish at 11:32 AM on April 16, 2004

Metafilter: Sucks a dog's ass.

(So sorry, dear community. Could. Not. Resist.)
posted by vignettist at 12:46 PM on April 16, 2004

Peeps are eeevil, especially when placed next to their infinitely superior seasonal candy sibling.
posted by weston at 7:03 PM on April 16, 2004

jmd82: The espresso thing I can see. Having worked at a coffee bar, I am very aware of how quickly the body acclimated to caffeine. Starting off at the bar, I would down 2 or 3 in a 6 hour shift to keep me going. After one year of working there, it took around 5 shots an hour to achieve the desired effect. In an hour, that would be a little different, but if one has been drinking caffeine for years, it shouldn't really be a problem.

Unless of course it is Starbucks espresso. In which case I'd rather drink 23 shots of folgers. Charbucks carries terrible coffee and espresso.
posted by lazaruslong at 3:44 PM on April 17, 2004

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