Kill more penguins!
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Yeti Sports. The creators of the infamous penguin bat flash game have opened an entire site featuring music, e-cards, and most important, two new games. Excuse me, I'm off to spend Flash Friday doing horrible things to flightless waterfowl.
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Dude, "Orca Slap" *rocks.* Good to see my love for killer whales hasn't really been dampened by that pic on Boing Boing the other day...
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These games are great fun. Orca Slap is hard though, the Penguin Bounce is fun too although I kind of like sending the penguin off horizontally more than vertically.

Are these games some kind of a geek slap at Linux?
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I'm a no fur-wearing, no animal-testing vegetarian type, but damn I enjoyed throwing those little penguins!
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I keep a list of high scores in my AIM profile for the games so my friends and I can compete, I took out the names of the people who scored them, but here they are

Seal Bounce:
1st- 456.62
2nd- 430.3
Total Movement:

Penguin Game Records:
Long - 323.5
Dive bomb long - 207.7
Dive bomb short - 188.9
short - 64.1

I'm pretty sure the long and dive bomb records are the best you can get...
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I hate the Orca game, and the famous baseball bat one got old quick -- but geez, there is nothing more fun than waving your hands at your screen wildly and shouting

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on the mobile too? I think it said it was avaible, but all links went to german sites (and the english translation of the main site isn't too good).
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