Ice Age Floods
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Ice Age Floods Institute. In recent geological time immensely powerful, cataclysmic Ice Age Floods regularly swept across the Pacific Northwest. A proposed Ice Age Floods National Geological Trail is in the works. Virtual tour of Glacial Lake Missoula.
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Neat stuff, thanks!
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More links and writing from a local prespective.
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Everywhere you look in the northwest, you see evidence of Glacial Lake Missoula; from the shorelines on Mt. Sentinel in Missoula to the erratics out in the plains in Washington. It's pretty cool that it's finally getting some publicity.
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I remember Kim Stanley Robinson mentioning the force of these floods in the Red Mars series. I think he talked about cavitation on the scale of hydrogen bombs. I mentioned it to a relative on a visit to Portland, Oregon, and he walked me out to a street near his home where you can stand at the edge of a massive, ancient cut that the flood waters etched. It was amazing.
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Fascinating! My favorite post in a looooong time. They've done an excellent job with the virtual tour and photos.
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To think that the backed up floodwaters came all the way up the Willamette Valley to Eugene. . .it's pretty amazing. That, combined with the Columbia River Lava Flows makes this area subject to two of the most catastrophic events in known geologic history.
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