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Steamboy is a steam punk anime adventure by Katsuhiro Otomo (of Akira fame). Here's the synopsis. Here's the trailer. Looks hella-impressive. Kinda makes my pants shrink. Anybody else know more info on this?
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Wow, that looks sweet! I suppose we can't hope for a theatrical release in the States, but I'll be waiting for this to come out on DVD. I'm really looking forward to Ghost In the Shell: Innocence as well. What a year... new movies from both Otomo and OSHII Mamoru! It doesn't get better than that, as far as sci-fi anime goes.
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As the synopsis page noted very briefly, Steamboy has taken forever for Otomo to finish. There were sketches appearing in magazines all the way back in '95 or '96, including one of the boy figure, who seems to have remained unchanged thru the years.

I'm not complaining about the delay - I don't know what the circumstances were which prevented Otomo from completing this film earlier. If there are Japanese fans or hardcore anime fans here, I'd be curious to learn the reasons for delay.

Also, I wonder what the reaction and attitude among Japanese fans are. Is Otomo viewed as an old fogie? Is he anime's Terence Malick, who spent ages before making another film? Or George Lucas, who returned partly when he found out the technology existed for him to realize the visions he held in his head?
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[this looks good]
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I think we can hope for a US theatrical release. Otomo is a proven draw, and with the recent success of Miyazaki's films in US theaters, someone is sure to pick it up.

It will be interesting if Steamboy and Miyazaki's Howl's Moving Castle hit near-simultaneously. Combined with the recent US DVD of Laputa, we could experience a Flying Castle Anime backlash.

Cool post, I'll be waiting for this.
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Other promising anime in 2004:
Howl's Moving Castle
Dead Leaves
Devilman (live action adaptation)
Casshern (live action adaptation)

On preview: ulotrichous - Howl's Moving Castle has been delayed to fall 2004.
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I'm looking forward to this :)
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This looks totally sweet.
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Yeah, but they could hit US release closer together... especially if they are picked up by competing distributors.
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Innocense and Appleseed are in the theaters now here in Tokyo. I have seen both.
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This story reflects on the relationship between comics and films in China.

Last year saw Elysium from Korea which looked quite good in the trailer I saw.

On the other hand we still get stuff like the live action Cutey Honey being made.
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I've read the budget was $20 million for the film, making it the most expensive anime ever. I'm surprised it's so low since in America an animated film would cost several times that.
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Innocense and Appleseed are in the theaters now here in Tokyo. I have seen both.

Can you still pay rent after shelling out theater prices?

Looks interesting. Thanks for the post.
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Well, that changes my list of life priorities...

A] Move to Tokyo.
B] Actually learn Japanese.

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If you live in Tokyo, you can usually find at least one theater (usually the Virgin at Roppongi Hills) with English subtitles. So Appleseed had subtitles, but Innocence did not (something about how the subtitling was really poor at first so they pulled it.)

Without giving anything away, Appleseed was more fun, more action, better music, while Innocence was more impressive animation/cgi, but dragged (more philosophizing, actually it was mostly philosophizing) and only got kickass in a few parts. I like pretty animation, but I really like the kickass parts, so I liked Appleseed more, even though I had issues with it. Both were very entertaining.

Oh, and films here cost about 1800 yen, which is maybe 2X US prices, but a lot of stuff here is 2X+ US prices. Wed night is ladies night at many theaters, so it is usually 1000 yen, and the first of every month is also 1000 yen.
posted by gen at 3:47 PM on April 25, 2004

Daaamn, thanks for the links, shortfuse!
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