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Sea-creatures in glass. In the late 19th Century, Dresden-based glass-artist Leopold Blaschka, together with his son, Rudolf, made scores of beautiful and intricate glass models of marine invertebrates. [First link via an e-mail from Alex Vaughan.]
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I heard about these in passing a few weeks ago, and it's great to actually see pictures and read about them in detail. Absolutely mind-blowing.
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This is really great, thanks for linking it.

It might even get a great big comment thread full of asthetes arguing about What Is Art. ;)
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And [b]ironically enough[/b], the gallery on homepage.mac doesn't work in Opera but [i]does[/i] work in IE. Thanks, Apple!
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thanks, misteraitch - you always find cool, interesting things.
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Those are both lovely and fascinating; thanks!
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Oh, if only I had billions of dollars to collect wonderful. After visiting Harvard's collection of glass flowers and insects, I'm pleased to see my favorite marine inverts.
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Harvard's collection of glass flowers

These are also the work of the Blaschkas: glass flowers (official Harvard page here, but not currently loading)
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At first, Pritchard drew only as long as he could hold his breath, diving and surfacing repeatedly, but later he used a dive helmet, the air pumped from the surface. Curiously, many of the resulting paintings and drawings had a "dry" look. A remark he made is pertinent here: "There is no feeling of wetness when one is below the surface." [endnote 4] Wetness is given to us by visual cues-drops of water, irregularities of sheen--that can't exist beneath the waves. This meshes with my own diving experiences. And when glass is immersed in water, it does not have a wet look.

cool observation
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Just amazing! Thanks, misteraitch.
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