Bang Bang Bhangra
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An extensive article on the history of Bhangra. [Bhangra mp3s here]
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Great post - thanks. I first ran into bhangra in my days at Kingston Poly in the early 80s and have been a fan ever since. I've been a couple of those weddings too - but there was a whole bunch of stuff I didn't know in that article.
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"It's easy to dance to it, you just gotta screw in them lightbulbs and put your hands up." -- Punjabi 5-0 by Dum Dum Project feat. the1Shanti

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I think we've talked about Bhangra before, or at least Asian Massive, but I just had to mention my favorite radio show - Generasian Radio out of Houston's KPFT Community Radio. Lots of bhangra, massive, and Indian-infused house. These guys are so enthusiastic and are really fantastic DJs. They also know their stuff.
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The MP3 site linked above is not very good. For example, I just found an MP3 of Ave Maria on it. It sounds wonderful, but it's not Bhangra (unless the pope's real name is Sant Jarnail Singh).
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I'm on a dial-up connection, so I haven't been able to listen to many of the mp3's. But I wasn't wondering if a track that I have is related. It's an mp3 by the Asian Dub Foundation called "Taa Deem Remix." From what I could gather it's a remix of a Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan song. It's kickass. Whether or not it's related to the discussion, could someone inform me of any similar tracks?

Also, I saw DJ Rekha open for Le Tigre, and I really liked her style.

Again, I'm not sure if these two artists are related, but I'd like some more info about their style if anyone knows anything about them.
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