Watch out, boogers
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Captain Underpants and the Big, Bad Battle of the Bionic Booger Boy! Every time I sit down to peruse MeFi I hear "there goes daddy on the blue again." Once they realized that some of their favorite flash sites came from the blue they wanted daddy to put up their favorite. Well here it is, my boys present to you Captain Underpants' battle with the Bionic Booger Boy, a gross interpretation of Galaxian. If you have young boys, check out the author's site and his books. Dave Pilkey has written a slew of incredibly funny and readable books for young kids, especially young boys.
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Dav Pilkey is a great favorite at our house too.

The kids came up with their own knock off version, "Admiral Knickers." They do drawings and put on plays of his goings on, and so forth. Things only get bad when the plays include the character of the "Evil Nude Lord," which of course requires whoever is playing that part to disrobe entirely. Not such a good game in front of squeamish guests!
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Wow, this is a flashback. Hours spent playing Galaga in college. Hours and hours spent playing this game, now though it's boogers. I need to think about this...
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May I humbly recommend the Korean Arse Shooter for another vertical shooter in a similar vein?
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I got one of those books for my 24th birthday. Apparently my friends have a high opinion of my maturity level.
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Just watch out for Professor Poopypants!
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We've got a copy of one of the spinoff books, Super Diaper Baby, which was given to us on the birth of our own super diaper baby. I, being a boring grownup, was unimpressed, but it awaits a literate school-age boy that will really appreciate it.
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It bugs me that Pilkey goes right next to Pinkwater, and bookstores hardly ever have any of the latter.
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