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Opioids past , present and future.
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Hmm. I can't seem to find any ordering information.
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BLTC is a vast network. But some of their chatter is just loony.
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July 2001
Portugal decriminalizes all drugs for personal consumption

'nuff said :)
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This is still illegal? I was under the impression that opium was not only no longer ‘evil’, but had actually made the transition through ‘square’ and ‘hip’ to ‘groovy’ now that the US is in control of the Afghan poppy fields.
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I can synthesize my own opioids. In my own body. I've done this by eating habanero peppers until I vomit.

Then, I feel really, really good. High even.

I haven't had the painful pleasure in a few years but it's sort of like being a bulemic hot pepper junkey, I suppose.

Only, you won't get put in jail for growing and eating peppers.

Don't try this at home, kids. It's a dangerous proceedure unless you're a trained, professional idiot.
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"330 B.C.
Alexander the Great introduces opium to the people of Persia and India."

Um, the Persians had ruled over Mesopotamia (where opium cultivation originated) for over two hundred years by the time Alexander "introduced" it to them.


Early 11th Century A.D.
The Persian physician and scientist Ar-Razi is the first doctor who administers opium to patients undergoing surgery. He also prescribes it for depression.
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Devils Slide - Ah, the more things change........
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