Dr. Laura Show Halts Production
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Dr. Laura Show Halts Production Only a week after its debut? Fishy, fishy... Everyone say 'awwww'!
posted by Sapphireblue (3 comments total)
Laura Schlessinger routinely breaks for three or four weeks at this time of year, coinciding with the High Holidays. It's a convenient time for a retooling, which isn't unusual for a new show. Could we be a little more sarcastic here?
posted by Dreama at 9:07 PM on September 22, 2000

Not yet...but when it comes to Dr. Laura, I'd like to try...
posted by metrocake at 9:40 PM on September 22, 2000

A follow-up to the same story, posted later in the day, elaborated a bit more on the having-to-fix-the-show-so-someone-will-watch-it angle, including the news that a new producer is being brought in.

Also: no one is more sarcastic than the good 'doctor' herself. Someday I hope to attain her level of snark; until then I'm merely a pretender to the throne.
posted by Sapphireblue at 8:58 AM on September 23, 2000

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