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Technovelgy lists inventions from science fiction novels, including the Tasp, the Delpi Pool, Retinal Projection and the Invisible Teenager.
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Sorry, make that *Delphi Pool*.
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I'll have to submit "thikes" - strap-on claws, like wolverine but non-internal. They didn't have that one. It's good to have a word for those. From Jorune or possible something before that.

Towel - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

This one seems to be stretching a bit.
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oh, and Phaser?

(that's it, I'm making a list!)
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[this is good]
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Ah that Delphi Pool link brings back memories of Shockwave Rider -- great book. Similar concept to the DemoPol from Herbert's Dosadi Experiment

alot of their attributions seem pretty random though -- Niven gets a ton of credit for things that existed in science fiction before him

and hey, a nod to Blish' Surface Tension, one of the greatest short stories of the 50s

but no Lazy Gun. That's a depressing oversight. Best name ever.
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Drafting Dan, the original CAD. Back before Heinlein went strange and solipsistic (although the book contained hints of what was to come).
Spindizzy, lovely word and idea.

badzen - shame they missed Lazy Gun. Also "drug glands".

Great post interrobang, thank you.
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The Ansible, probably the most important and least plausible science fiction idea that people still take seriously, from LeGuin to Ender's Game to Star Trek. If someone hadn't named it, it still would have been used.
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(I also hate that this site's Brunner references are exclusively from "The Shockwave Rider" and no mentions of "Stand on Zanzibar", which invented the internet: "Scanalyzer". Hopefully, the site will grow with time.)
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