Quite a three pipe metafilter post.
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Sherlock Holmes: the quotations; the pipes; the author (the public house named after him - the worst in Scotland, judging by the comments); the top ten lists; the vulcan; the city; the monographs; the magazine; the marvelous stories, of course; and more.
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Don't forget the museum.

Not the location you expect it at, but Sherlock's (temporary) death took place at the Reichenbach falls nearby.

Thanks for the links!
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Don't forget the fairies!
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...sorry. I apologize.
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The Toast to Irene Adler.
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If you're a fan of Holmes, or Lovecraft, or just like good short stories, you could do a lot worse than check out Neil Gaiman's Hugo nominated Holmes/Cthulu tale A Study In Emerald.

(Not a massive fan of Gaiman's prose, but this is pretty frabjous)
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The Conan Doyle may not be the best, but the Sherlock Holmes Pub in London is great. I spent a great deal of time there drinking snakebites.
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After I read the complete works in 2000, I came up with this list of my favorite Sherlock Holmes quotes.
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Nice statue too. 221 Baker Street still gets letters addressed to Mr. Holmes, who is certainly NOT fictional according to many of his fans :)
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