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Lines on Paper has a great nine-page gallery of business cards embellished by comic artist notables. Here's my fave by Dennis Worden. For more yummy comic browsing, consult the Comiclopedia (from Lambiek, which also has an illustrated history of Dutch comics).
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The Dennis Worden link, btw, is from the Comic Art Collective, a gallery for original art from comic artists in which the artist receives 100% of the proceeds.
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These are spectactular. What fun! Nine scrumptous pages, huh? I'm going to be late for work. Thanks, taz.
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Well, I was going to claim Comiclopedia as my own but Invalid CFML construct found on line 68 at column 151 !. And it doesn't Google anymore either--what is up with that?
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Yes... Strange Googlenature going on these days; many sites not showing up in searches... I was suprised it had never been posted.
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"(Lines On Paper) wants to offer you respite from a world that may not understand your passion for stories told in one of the oldest media in the world."
-- Los Angeles Times 12/15/95

Hear hear!
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