Baddest science in the whole damn town
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My fab fave UK public intellectual was somehow overlooked in the popularity contest discussed yesterday, and I was surprised that nobody had ever FPPd him here (at least, as far as the search function can determine...)
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I find it hard to think of him as an intellectual. But then I remember him when he was 17.

Top bloke though. Cleverer than a bag of clever hedgehogs and funny to boot.
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Fun reading, Sidhedevil. I followed one of his columns to this article, which describes errors in middle school science textbooks. For example:

We found a photograph of pop diva Linda Ronstadt: In the caption she was labeled as a silicon crystal. She had been labeled as a vacuum triode in a previous edition of the book.
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mr_roboto, don't you think the latter is a more appropriate label for the singer's later oevre?
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Sidhedevil: seconded. Extra credit for Bad Science being the only slot in a mainstream UK newspaper devoted to sceptical issues. They should give him a full page, not that mean little sidebar.
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