Hidden Lives Revealed
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Hidden Lives Revealed. 'Hidden Lives Revealed provides an intriguing encounter with children who were in the care of The Children's Society in late Victorian and early 20th Century Britain. ' Via the 24 Hour Museum.
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Just starting to dig into the pictures, plep, but this is really neato. Thank you!
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Wow, reading the case files is very sad. Lots of children were abused by their step-parents, including this one that made it into the newspaper.
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I think it's fascinating that orphans and runaways used to just live out in the streets. Of course, we still have runaways, but they tend to be teenagers. It's hard to imagine that it was ordinary to just stumble over homeless orphans in the streets on a daily basis.

I'm sure that's still the case in many parts of the world, particularly impoverished areas like large slums. In more rural regions, orphan children are probably cared for by the community (but what do I know?).

Thanks, plep! Fascinating post.
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Nine year old A. lived with her grandmother and her 17 year old aunt in Wells, Somerset. One day the aunt gave birth to a child and then killed it. A. was the main witness to the crime and was detained in Shepton Mallet prison for two months until the court case was heard. The case was held at Taunton over several days between 9 - 13 May 1887. Shortly afterward A. was fostered out by the Waifs and Strays' Society. A's father could not afford to pay for her full maintenance so he was allowed to pay a smaller amount. In 1893 A. went into service in a laundry in Clacton-on-Sea.

Heartbreaking and fascinating. Thanks as always, plep.
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Oh, link for the above.
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