Contemporary Chinese Art From China and the US
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Regeneration: Contemporary Chinese Art From China and the US.
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posted by hama7 at 5:23 PM on July 9, 2004

Cheers, hama7! I am particularly interested in new Chinese art (see my earlier MeFi post) because I see this as a very interesting transition time for the arts in China. I am especially interested in seeing the works of artists who were young adults during the cultural revolution, people like Zhang Xiaogang* and Li Jin* (two of my favorites). There is an interesting series of works addressing this idea (somewhat) at The Legacy Project, a global collection that focuses attention on "enduring consequences of the many historical tragedies of the 20th century".

Also, I'd like to add some other spots to our growing compendium of Chinese contemporary: Kiaf's great China page of their "Light of the East" feature (which also includes Korea and Japan); New Chinese Art; and China Art Networks.

And finally, since I'm already talking too much, I'd like to say that, to me, an interesting motif in this subject is the artists who travelled to (or, more likely, were "posted to") Tibet during the time of Mao (such as Li Jin, whom I mentioned), because of the influences and inspiration gained from this kind of exposure during a time of such creative austerity and the wholescale destruction of Chinese artistic heritage. (And if I were a curator I would see if I could organize an exhibition around this idea.) Also very interesting: Chinese contemporary and modernist wood block art in contrast to contemporary work.

*statement by Zhang Xiaogang
*article on Li Jin

(sorry so long!)
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Also sorry I messed up that last section, which should have contrasted traditional prints.
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