Italian mummies
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Long ago in the town of Palermo in Sicily some monks got together and decided that they wanted to start praying to one of their own after he had passed to the Great Beyond so they embalmed him. Four hundred years and 8,000 corpses later you can see the Capuchin Catacombs for yourself.
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so that's where the Italian liberals meet
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Good link. The wall of priests is especially creepy.
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I'm going to amend my will to specifically state that I do not want to be embalmed, awkwardly hung from a wall and turned into a tourist attraction after I die. Sure, it sounds far-fetched, but I'm pretty sure this guy didn't think it could happen, either.
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Mummy monks.
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The Church of the Immaculate Conception in Rome also has catacombs along these lines, and its the same order of monks, so I guess they made a habit of it (apologies), except that in the roman version, they actually take the monks apart and use bits of their skeletons to make interesting patterns on the wall and ceiling. Nice. (I have been there, its thoroughly rank.)
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Rank? Hardly! Rome's bone church is fabu. Also, the inscription when you walk in:
What you are, we once were. What we are now, you will become.

I was just there to pay my respects but sadly, it's closed for restoration.
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Does one restore bones from the bone church with new bones, one wonders.
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La cripta dei Cappuccini - Chiesa dell'Immacolata

on preview: Ciao CL!
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The ossuary in Kutna Hora (Czech Republic) is also decorated with disassembled skeletons.
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Thanks for the link, stonerose. I have always wanted to visit that ossuary (made of 40 thousand people!). See also this thread.
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I've been to Kutna Hora. At the presentation they blacked out the place and did a spotlight thingee while playing Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor. Very, very creepy.
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This site presents also some fine pictures of ossuaries in the catacombs of Paris.
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I need a link to maria sharapova to cheer me up after all this.
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Wow, these are fabulous links gang, thank you!
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two of the photographers are named "mike prenis" and "nacho prevenuty". They should get married (im assuming nacho is a girls name, I mean WTF if you are naming your kid nacho it dosent matter what sex they are) so one would be called Nacho Prenis. Yah, I got nothing.
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living dead.
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I don't know why I am stunned things like this exist, or more precisely, still exist (i.e. have not been dismantled, destroyed, or ruined) but I am.

Absolutely incredible.
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outsider: all the nachos I've known have been blokes, short for Ignacio.
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