Nonlethal weapons
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Does a mindboggling inventory of nonlethal weapons (pdf) depress you as further evidence of man's inhumanity to man? Or does it offer you the welcome relief of knowing there are enforcement options more palatable than "Time to get mediaeval on yo' ass, mofo"? (via John Robb)
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What a list! The weapons here range from the comical (project a hologram of a dead rival to cause death-by-fright of a "drug leader with a weak heart") to the creepy (biotech) to the quizzical (Curdler: breaks up "singing, clapping and dancing" - good for those rogue Hare Krishnas, I guess) to the Maxwell Smart-type weapons (a mine that, instead of blowing up the enemy, throws a net over him!). I think I'll order me up a calmative fog bomb, load it up with Special K and take it to my next trance dance warehouse get together.
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A thread with additional info and links for non-lethal weapons here.
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Antilethal, Food Bomb -- replaces anti-personnel bomblets with concentrated food pellets. Wow. Not a bad idea, though the pellets might sting a bit.

On the other hand, I find Agents Blue, White and Purple a bit disturbing ...
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Contributors: Mr Jaime H.Caudros is the founder of Arts and Engineering, a firm dedicated to the study and development of less-lethal kinetic energy projectiles and weapons; together with the art of watercolor painting.

Just how does that work? And where does he get his inspiration?

Homer: Now, this next one's for the ladies. How many times have you gals been late for a high-powered business meeting, only to realize you're not wearing make-up?
Marge: That's every woman's nightmare.
Homer: That's why I invented this revolutionary make-up gun. It's for the woman who only has four-fifths of a second to get ready. Close your eyes, Marge.

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Did anyone else read "mindboggling" as "mindblogging?" I'm sick, I tells you, sick!
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- Biotechnical, Genetic Alteration. The act of changing genetic code to create a desired less-than-lethal but longterm disablement effect, perhaps for generations, thereby creating a societal burden.

- [High Power Microwaves] can also cause human unconsciousness without permanent maiming by upsetting the neural pathways in the brain and/or death.

Oh, pick me, I have a question. How is death non-permanent?

Some of these non-lethal weapons seem pretty lethal from here. Just saying.
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Messed up as it is, chico, I don't think "non-lethal" in this context means "guaranteed not to kill"--I think it means more "not designed to kill", with the stipulation that there might, of course, be fatalities. (Witness the current debate over tasers, for example.)
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What a great list. I want one of each. Except the plant ones. I have no need to attack plants.
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You may be right, LairBob, but still. The gadget geek in me is totally overshadowed by the part that's imagining seeing any of these in action on actual people.

(What's it called when you can't stop shuddering?)
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In HTML. Am I the only one that lacks the patience to download pdfs?

And I want an antilethal, camoflauge-active. It'd be just like playing Deus Ex.
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You know what'll be fun? Watching the confusion as military and law enforcement folks gas, electrocute, microwave, deafen, blind, and and soak folks, then have the gall to look surprised when folks get mad because they say "What? It's non-lethal! It's not like we shot them or beat them with metal-cored wood sticks or something."

Given the recent press regarding the use of Tasers as a way of ensuring compliance (instead of a tool for subduing hostile suspects) on everyone from kids to seniors, the warning signs are disconcerting.
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Appraisal of Technologies for Political Control

Despite the physical pain of "non lethal" weapons. I feel the real risks are to liberty and the free soul.
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